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In the 6th Century A.D. the Slavic people settled in the region and it became part of the Duchy of Poland. In the 13th through the 15th Centuries many German settlers, primarily of the Frauconian tribe, came to Posen; these Germans, outnumbered by Poles, formed German enclaves in villages and in the countryside surrounded by Polish communities and farms.
In the three eighteenth century partitions of Poland, in which the country was conquered and divided by her neighbors Russia, Austria, and Prussia, Posen was given to the Kingdom of Prussia.
We get a glimpse of the life of our ancestors in 19th Century Posen from Charolette (Rehbein) Hohenstein who spoke of her life there to her granddaughter Marie Rossow. Charolette related that the Poles of Posen had great animosity toward their German neighbors. Often groups of Poles rode their horses into the yards of the German farms, and raced around wildly - like 'wild Cossacks' she said - scattering the few chickens and geese owned by the Germans, and they sped away. Obviously the Poles resented being ruled by the German Kingdom of Prussia.
After World War II, Posen, like Pomerania, was given to Poland, and all Germans were expelled.
The Kingdom of Prussia took a large part of central Europe in the 19th Century, and from this kingdom came out ancestors to America. When they declared their intention to become citizens of The United States they first have to renounce their loyalty to the Hohenzollern ruler of the Kingdom, King Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1840 - 1861) or Kaiser Wilhelm I (1861 - 1888). (continued)

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